Thursday, February 4, 2021

Make Your Comfort Food Healthier With These Tips

 Make Your Comfort Food Healthier With These Tips

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Many people seem to find some form of emotional and psychological satisfaction in certain kinds of foods. But the sad truth is that comfort food tends to be very unhealthy. Most of the dishes many people consider comfort food contains a lot of oil and salt or processed sugar. That means they also have high amounts of calories. But the good news is that you can prepare your comfort food in a way that ensures that it is not only very healthy but also gives you the pleasure you seek from it. So, do you love your comfort food but are worried it is causing your health more harm than good? Then here a few ways to make your comfort food healthier.

Add some fresh veggies or fruits

Fruits and vegetables are mostly the easiest healthy additions you can make to any comfort food. Plus, they go pretty well with almost any food. For example, you can serve some vegetable salad as a side dish to your au gratin potatoes and ham or add some sliced apples to your mac n cheese. However, it is one thing adding veggies to your food, and quite another thing getting it to taste as good as you want. So, depending on the food you’re preparing, you can season your veggies, roast them lightly, or tweak them in healthy ways that give them the extra flavor you want.

Reduce sodium, sugar, and fat content

As already mentioned, most of the meals people call comfort food cause more harm than good. That is especially true if you consume many sugary foods, fast foods, and other kinds of processed foods. You can do two things to remedy this situation. First, cut down or stop patronizing unhealthy foods. Secondly, take the time to prepare your comfort food at home. Aside from the fact that this is a healthier option, it will also save you some extra cash.

When whipping up your meals, try as much as possible to reduce the sodium content. Too much sodium can increase your risk of high blood pressure and heart failure. Consuming too much sugar can increase the risk of heart-related issues, among several other health issues. Also, ensure that you use healthier cooking oils like olive oil instead of the traditional vegetable cooking oil. 

Use lean meat options

If you take a lot of comfort in foods like stews and chili, you should try replacing meat with poultry. Alternatively, you can also try using beans instead, as that will give you the protein you need. If you still prefer using red meat, then use lean meat options instead. For example, grass-fed beef and bison are excellent options.

Embrace whole grains

Sometimes, you need to swap some of the ingredients in your usual comfort foods for some whole grain options. For example, if you are a pizza lover, you can try a different option like polenta instead of using the regular refined wheat crust. Aside from the fact that it is whole-grain, it is also gluten-free.