You may know me as Jordy's Beauty Spot, a beauty guru on YouTube and also on here where I talk about makeup, hair and fashion. If not then hi, my name is Jordan, I am 17 years old from Australia, currently studying to become a Journalist. 

I am a complete foodie so created this cooking website to share my favourite foods and recipes. Jordy's Cooking offers a variety  ranging from savory to sweet and everything in between. This is mainly a place for posting my recipes which I make video tutorials for on my cooking YouTube channel.

Food and cooking are just a couple of my many passions alongside beauty/fashion (JordysBeautySpot), health/fitness (JordysFitness) and travel, which I have websites for also. 

I hope you enjoy my recipes and reading Jordy's Cooking as much as I truly love sharing them and writing for you all.