Thursday, March 1, 2018

Entertaining and Events: The Best Food to Serve!

As someone who loves food and loves to cook, chances are you’re always looking for an excuse
to feed the ones you love. So whenever there’s an event- whether it’s a birthday, wedding, family
reunion or any other kind of occasion it will be you that steps up to the plate to provide the food.
If you have a number of different events coming up this year, here are some ideas for different kinds
of foods you could present and serve.

Finger Food Buffet
A buffet is good for just about any special event. Most people can find something they like to eat from
 a buffet, and there are lots of tasty finger food items you could put together. Sandwiches, homemade
quiches, sausage rolls and pies all go down well. You could marinate some chicken and serve chicken
drumsticks, or cover mini fillets in breadcrumbs and serve some tasty goujons. You could serve chips
with dips, cakes, pastries and other sweet treats. And best of all you can choose what items you want
 to make and what you want to buy in ready. For example, you might want to bake your own cupcakes,
 but buy in things like gateaux which is more complicated to make. You could make all of your favourite
 finger foods, then bulk up the spread with some pre- bought items to save time if needed.

Pizza Party
If you have a small group of friends coming over for food, throwing pizza party at home is a fun and
 interactive way to feed everyone. If you have a bread machine, it’s easy to whip up a few portions of
pizza dough with no hassle. The machine will mix, knead and prove the dough for you, then you can
wrap it in cling film and rest it in the fridge until you need it. Put out a selection of grated cheeses,
meats and veggies on a table or work surface, and let everyone stretch their own dough base and
add their own sauces and toppings to make their pizza exactly how they want it. If you have a pizza
oven in the garden you could pop them in there, they only take a few minutes each. Otherwise, buy
a pizza stone and do them in the oven. You can all try each other’s creations and it’s a fun and
informal alternative to a dinner party.

Afternoon Tea
A selection of canapes, finger sandwiches and other tasty nibbles- what’s not to like? When the sun
 is shining, getting outside for an afternoon tea is one of life’s little pleasures. A elegant way to serve
food, it would make for a lovely birthday idea especially for a female relative. Fill some helium balloons,
 and wrap dainty flowers around the strings for a pretty way to decorate. Pop some LED tealight
candles into mason jars, and use cake stands and mismatched china to serve your cakes and tea.
If your afternoon tea is a celebration then you could pop open some champagne or prosecco too.

Is there anything better than tasty grilled food on a scorching hot day? Fire up the grill and serve
guests a selection of carefully marinated meats, homemade burgers along with beautifully prepared
salads and grilled veggies. There are lots of ideas online for additional recipes you could add if you
wanted to take it to the next level, from grilled fruit to smokey casseroles cooked over the grill and
much more.

Curry Night
Flavoursome, vibrant and all round delicious, curry is always a crowd pleaser. Cooking a selection of
different curries might feel like a big job, however you can start off with the same base so it’s not quite
as complicated as you might think. Caramelising onions then adding garlic fresh tomatoes until pulpy
can be the start of many wonderful curries. Wait until the mixture is cool, blend it and divide it into as
many dishes as you want to create. You could add different fresh and dried herbs, spices and spice
blends to each dish to get a very different taste each time. Some curries could have cream or yoghurt
added to them, some could have marinated chicken pieces, others marinated lamb. You could quite
easily create four or five different variations for an incredible curry night, and best of all they store well
 too. So it’s something you could do a couple of days in advance. Serve with naan breads, onion
bhajis, poppadoms and rice. Just be sure to make your curries at varying spice levels so that there’s
 something for everyone.

Professional Caterers
If it’s going to be a large event, with more people than you can comfortably cook for yourself then
why not get in professional caterers? They could provide the bulk of the food, and then you could do
 the fun, extra things and dishes you could enjoy cooking the most. For example, companies like
Boos Philly offer catering for parties- you can get more info here. That way you can provide everyone
 with cheesesteaks, then perhaps you could cover starters and desserts? You could even use your
 local pizza joint and order in a tonne of pizzas, and do the extra things like chicken and other sides
yourself. If it’s more of a formal party then professional caterers could put together fancy dishes for
 you. As you’re only relying on them partially it will be less expensive, and you still get the fun of
cooking just without all the pressure.

Pot Luck
If you’re on a bit of a budget or just want to do something fun and exciting then a potluck party is
always good. Assign a starter, main dish or dessert for your guests to make and bring, and then
when everyone arrives you have a nice selection of different foods. Because you’re not making all
of the food yourself if works out a little cheaper and you get to experience your friends and family’s
recipes too so could find something new!