Thursday, November 17, 2011


These foods are sweet/savoury, meals/snacks that make my life so much yummier and I would be lost without! I eat all of these foods on a super regular basis because they are my favourite and I seriously can't imagine not being able to eat these things!!!
Mangoes: I love them so much especially in Summer when it's really hot and they are really cold and sweet!

Burger and chips: believe it or not there are some healthy versions of this meal out there but to be honest I prefer McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and Nandos for mine. 

Vietnamese Spring Rolls: I love how healthy I feel whenever I eat these! There is so much salad and it's such a light meal so you feel great after. 

Macaroons: I have a slight obsession over Macaroons, it's quite sad really. If you read this blog you probably know that I do make my own only I prefer the taste of ones from a proper bakery. My favourite flavours are pistachio, chocolate and coconut. 

Chicken Curry: I love all chicken curries including Indian butter chicken curries but especially Japanese chicken curry. In Australia there is a Japanese take away place where they sell proper Japanese meals called Hanaichi and I legit eat there about 4 times a week because they make the best Chicken Curry and have the most delicious roux. 

Sushi: I could probably live on sushi if I tried! I love it so much; the rice, the seaweed, the vegetables, the mayonnaise..everything.

Edamame: Another Japanese food (you can probably tell how much I love Japanese). This vegetable is the creator of the Soy bean which is what tofu is made out of (which I love also) and a great source of protein.

Bagels: McDonalds has the most amazing bagels available around breakfast time which is where my main love for bagels comes from but i also love bagel chips and mini bagels which you can get from the supermarket.
Cookie Dough: I think I would be so depressed without cookie dough. It's not just that I love cookie dough but I also love cookie dough flavoured anything from Kit-Kat Bars to ice creams, cakes and pretzels. I am the type of person where cookies never eventuate because I eat all the dough as soon as I make it. On occasion, I am known to exceed physical cookie dough eating limits and feel super sick after eating way too much. Although, I never learn and continue to come right back to this delicious sweet treat, I think it's my only true food love!! I'm actually getting so hungry just looking at the picture...mmmm

Crepes: I love crepes wether they be sweet or savoury. I adore mushroom savoury crepes and chocolate cookie dough sweet ones.

Monday, November 14, 2011


This is something a little bit different to what i usually put on here but i decided to begin showing a more diverse range of foods. Jordy's Cooking Spot has kind of turned into Jordy's Dessert Spot where all i make is desserts!! So in celebrating savoury foods, i wanted to show you guys something i love making...vegetarian lasagne! I'm not in any way a vegetarian; however, i appreciate meatless versions of traditional dishes. So here is the recipe which my mum came up with and turns out deliciously amazing everytime.

Step 1. There are a couple of things you have to prepare before you start assembling the actual lasagne. The items we prepare now will become the basis of what our lasagne layers are filled with.
 a.) The vegetables: Slice up pumpkin, eggplant and onion so that you can sauteĆ© them. Leave them on until 3/4 way cooked.
 b.) The white sauce: You can always buy a bottle of white sauce but i prefer making my own. All you need if flour, butter, salt, pepper and cream. Mix all these in a saucepan until boil.
 c.) The tomato sauce: I picked up a bottle for convenience because i don't know how to make my own tomato sauce.

Step 2. Now that you have all your ingredients prepared, you can begin assembling the lasagne
Layer 1- Spread both oil and tomato sauce on the bottom of the lasagne dish.
Layer 2- Add a layer of pasta sheets. The pasta sheets may not fit perfectly so feel free to overlap and break of pieces where necessary.
Layer 3- On top of that pasta sheet put a large quantity of the white sauce. Cover with pasta sheets.
Layer 4- This is a vegetable layer where you put your eggplant, pumpking and onion.
Layer 5- Cover with pasta sheets.
Layer 6- Another layer where you place your vegetables.
Layer 7- This layer is where you mix your tomato sauce with feta cheese. Cover with pasta sheets.
 Layer 8- A layer of white sauce and finish with cheese.

I hope this recipe works out really well for you, i find that it always tastes delicious!