Thursday, November 17, 2011


These foods are sweet/savoury, meals/snacks that make my life so much yummier and I would be lost without! I eat all of these foods on a super regular basis because they are my favourite and I seriously can't imagine not being able to eat these things!!!
Mangoes: I love them so much especially in Summer when it's really hot and they are really cold and sweet!

Burger and chips: believe it or not there are some healthy versions of this meal out there but to be honest I prefer McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and Nandos for mine. 

Vietnamese Spring Rolls: I love how healthy I feel whenever I eat these! There is so much salad and it's such a light meal so you feel great after. 

Macaroons: I have a slight obsession over Macaroons, it's quite sad really. If you read this blog you probably know that I do make my own only I prefer the taste of ones from a proper bakery. My favourite flavours are pistachio, chocolate and coconut. 

Chicken Curry: I love all chicken curries including Indian butter chicken curries but especially Japanese chicken curry. In Australia there is a Japanese take away place where they sell proper Japanese meals called Hanaichi and I legit eat there about 4 times a week because they make the best Chicken Curry and have the most delicious roux. 

Sushi: I could probably live on sushi if I tried! I love it so much; the rice, the seaweed, the vegetables, the mayonnaise..everything.

Edamame: Another Japanese food (you can probably tell how much I love Japanese). This vegetable is the creator of the Soy bean which is what tofu is made out of (which I love also) and a great source of protein.

Bagels: McDonalds has the most amazing bagels available around breakfast time which is where my main love for bagels comes from but i also love bagel chips and mini bagels which you can get from the supermarket.
Cookie Dough: I think I would be so depressed without cookie dough. It's not just that I love cookie dough but I also love cookie dough flavoured anything from Kit-Kat Bars to ice creams, cakes and pretzels. I am the type of person where cookies never eventuate because I eat all the dough as soon as I make it. On occasion, I am known to exceed physical cookie dough eating limits and feel super sick after eating way too much. Although, I never learn and continue to come right back to this delicious sweet treat, I think it's my only true food love!! I'm actually getting so hungry just looking at the picture...mmmm

Crepes: I love crepes wether they be sweet or savoury. I adore mushroom savoury crepes and chocolate cookie dough sweet ones.