Thursday, May 2, 2019

Wedding Catering Ideas - Grazing Tables, Dessert Stations and Food Vans

When it comes to planning a wedding there is a lot to consider for your special day! After locking in a wedding photographer, wedding dj and wedding videographer, the next most vital component is surely catering!

We figured that you have enough on your plate (pun intended) so we’ll help you decide what to put on your guests’ plates for your magical evening. In this post we are going to be running you through all of the essentials when it comes to sorting out your wedding catering!

Of course, the most crucial decision you make will likely be in relation to what kind of cuisine you would like to see served. The options are limitless these days and wedding food sure has come a long way since what once meant an elegant sit-down dinner. Now you see all kinds of cool and quirky ideas for wedding food floating around on Pinterest! We love these sorts of unconventional food ideas that test the boundaries of what we usually expect from a wedding ceremony.

Snack Station
Compile a list of all your favourite snacks and serve them all together at the one station! You can have an assortment of popcorn and corndogs or perhaps you prefer jolly ranchers and Hershey’s kisses.

Food Van
Sometimes it works out just as economical to hire a food truck for the day rather than pay for catering. After all, there is no need for place settings, cutlery or clean up! This is the perfect relaxed food option for any casual wedding with enough land to spread out some different options.

Grazing Tables
These days grazing tables are a fantastic way of displaying large quantities of food while also offering variety. You can provide guests with loads of cheese, dips, crackers and antipasto so they can indulge as much as their heart desires.

Desserts Station
Everyone loves a good desserts station serving up donut walls, candy buffets and complete with a milk and cookie bar. We love the idea of a popcorn or pizza station that way guests can help themselves as they become hungry. 

Serving up tacos or burritos at your wedding will surely be a hit with your guests. Everyone loves Mexican food - just add tequila!

Now that we have sorted the catering, we will leave you to look for a wedding photographer and wedding photography prices, wedding dj or wedding videographer if you haven’t found these already!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Keen For More Quinoa? Let Us Show You How!

Quinoa, pronounced Keen-wa is a superfood and contains all 8 essential amino acids and over 8 grams of protein per portion. It also contains no gluten and stuffed with nutrients like phosphorus and iron that the modern diet can often lack. Of course, with all those benefits it's crucial that we try and get more of this glorious stuff into our diets. Something that the post below can help with.

Cooking quinoa

Before you can include it in any dish, you need first to master the art of cooking quinoa. Luckily, this isn't too tough a challenge to perfect, especially if you follow the guideline at for preparing quinoa in a rice cooker. Something that will ensure you can perfectly cooked, and fluffy results each and every time.


One of the easiest way to include more quinoa in your family's diet is to mix it into a salad. Of course, you can go for something simple like chopped tomatoes, onions, and cucumber, but to really get them on board why not add a super tasty dressing as well, like the recipe below suggests?

Cooked quinoa 1 cup per person
Cherry tomato halved ½ per person
Red onions, ¼ cup per person
Artichokes in oil - drained ¼ per person
Olives green or kalamata ¼ cup per person halved
Cucumber chopped ¼ cup per person  

Prepare and mix all the ingredient and then toss in the dressing detailed below.

(Serves 4)

½ cup extra virgin olive oil
½ lemon squeezed
2 cloves of garlic crushed
Salt and pepper to taste


The great thing about quinoa is that is can be used in so many ways. For example, instead of including a pasta accompaniment to an evening meal, why not replace it with a nutrient-dense quinoa one instead?

Many people even eat quinoa just served plain as a replacement for rice, or potatoes. Although you may also want to use it as the main ingredient of your meal, something that you can see being done in recipes like the quinoa and kale patties at


Lastly, don't think because you have a sweet tooth that you are left out when it comes to eating more quinoa. In fact, there are a wealth of recipes that are sweet that incorporate this healthy ingredient including cookies, cakes, fudge, and even pudding!

One of our most favorite sweets that uses quinoa is chocolate energy balls. These are super yummy yet healthy treats that you can make quickly at home by using the recipe at Of course, you will need to learn how to make crispies to get the right results. Something you can find out more about in the video below.

Also, making cookies from quinoa is easy too! All you need to do is cook it and then add to the other ingredients as you will see at! Basically, it's a three-step process, which mean no matter how busy you are you will still have time to fit in some more quinoa into your family's diet!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Saving Money On Your Food Bills

Food. We all need it, and without it, we cannot function. Our body needs energy and food provides us with the energy needed to live our daily lives. But it can be costly, especially as your household may grow over time. So how can you save money on your food bills?