Thursday, May 2, 2019

Wedding Catering Ideas - Grazing Tables, Dessert Stations and Food Vans

When it comes to planning a wedding there is a lot to consider for your special day! After locking in a wedding photographer, wedding dj and wedding videographer, the next most vital component is surely catering!

We figured that you have enough on your plate (pun intended) so we’ll help you decide what to put on your guests’ plates for your magical evening. In this post we are going to be running you through all of the essentials when it comes to sorting out your wedding catering!

Of course, the most crucial decision you make will likely be in relation to what kind of cuisine you would like to see served. The options are limitless these days and wedding food sure has come a long way since what once meant an elegant sit-down dinner. Now you see all kinds of cool and quirky ideas for wedding food floating around on Pinterest! We love these sorts of unconventional food ideas that test the boundaries of what we usually expect from a wedding ceremony.

Snack Station
Compile a list of all your favourite snacks and serve them all together at the one station! You can have an assortment of popcorn and corndogs or perhaps you prefer jolly ranchers and Hershey’s kisses.

Food Van
Sometimes it works out just as economical to hire a food truck for the day rather than pay for catering. After all, there is no need for place settings, cutlery or clean up! This is the perfect relaxed food option for any casual wedding with enough land to spread out some different options.

Grazing Tables
These days grazing tables are a fantastic way of displaying large quantities of food while also offering variety. You can provide guests with loads of cheese, dips, crackers and antipasto so they can indulge as much as their heart desires.

Desserts Station
Everyone loves a good desserts station serving up donut walls, candy buffets and complete with a milk and cookie bar. We love the idea of a popcorn or pizza station that way guests can help themselves as they become hungry. 

Serving up tacos or burritos at your wedding will surely be a hit with your guests. Everyone loves Mexican food - just add tequila!

Now that we have sorted the catering, we will leave you to look for a wedding photographer and wedding photography prices, wedding dj or wedding videographer if you haven’t found these already!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Keen For More Quinoa? Let Us Show You How!

Quinoa, pronounced Keen-wa is a superfood and contains all 8 essential amino acids and over 8 grams of protein per portion. It also contains no gluten and stuffed with nutrients like phosphorus and iron that the modern diet can often lack. Of course, with all those benefits it's crucial that we try and get more of this glorious stuff into our diets. Something that the post below can help with.

Cooking quinoa

Before you can include it in any dish, you need first to master the art of cooking quinoa. Luckily, this isn't too tough a challenge to perfect, especially if you follow the guideline at for preparing quinoa in a rice cooker. Something that will ensure you can perfectly cooked, and fluffy results each and every time.


One of the easiest way to include more quinoa in your family's diet is to mix it into a salad. Of course, you can go for something simple like chopped tomatoes, onions, and cucumber, but to really get them on board why not add a super tasty dressing as well, like the recipe below suggests?

Cooked quinoa 1 cup per person
Cherry tomato halved ½ per person
Red onions, ¼ cup per person
Artichokes in oil - drained ¼ per person
Olives green or kalamata ¼ cup per person halved
Cucumber chopped ¼ cup per person  

Prepare and mix all the ingredient and then toss in the dressing detailed below.

(Serves 4)

½ cup extra virgin olive oil
½ lemon squeezed
2 cloves of garlic crushed
Salt and pepper to taste


The great thing about quinoa is that is can be used in so many ways. For example, instead of including a pasta accompaniment to an evening meal, why not replace it with a nutrient-dense quinoa one instead?

Many people even eat quinoa just served plain as a replacement for rice, or potatoes. Although you may also want to use it as the main ingredient of your meal, something that you can see being done in recipes like the quinoa and kale patties at


Lastly, don't think because you have a sweet tooth that you are left out when it comes to eating more quinoa. In fact, there are a wealth of recipes that are sweet that incorporate this healthy ingredient including cookies, cakes, fudge, and even pudding!

One of our most favorite sweets that uses quinoa is chocolate energy balls. These are super yummy yet healthy treats that you can make quickly at home by using the recipe at Of course, you will need to learn how to make crispies to get the right results. Something you can find out more about in the video below.

Also, making cookies from quinoa is easy too! All you need to do is cook it and then add to the other ingredients as you will see at! Basically, it's a three-step process, which mean no matter how busy you are you will still have time to fit in some more quinoa into your family's diet!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Saving Money On Your Food Bills

Food. We all need it, and without it, we cannot function. Our body needs energy and food provides us with the energy needed to live our daily lives. But it can be costly, especially as your household may grow over time. So how can you save money on your food bills?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Honolulu's Dry-Cured Pork And Surfing Heaven

Hawaii is a complex island network to understand. It's the 50th state of the United States, but it rises out of North Pacific Ocean 3,758 miles away. Overall there are eight islands, but there are six main islands that are inhabited and used as settlements. Oahu is the second largest island but harbors the state’s capital city of Honolulu. The island itself has a population of around 960,000 people, but only 330,000 people inhabit the capital. Oahu was once an ancient retreat for Hawaiian royalty which would most likely be the tribal chief. However, now it's a bustling capital that acts as a gateway between Asia and America. Honolulu is known the world over for its magnificent beaches with acres and acres of unspoiled beaches. As you would expect, the food is tropical but with a hearty twist as pork is the main meat source for locals and tourists alike. Of all the neighborhoods of Honolulu, there are two main boroughs you should take the time to explore.

Source Mr. Blue MauMau
Upscale Kaimuki 
Kaimuki is one the neighborhoods that have really taken to the Western style of life. There lots of coffee shops with the same type of flavors and drinks you get back home in the US. Affordable family diners can also be found where you can get a good wholesome bite to eat. One of the best places to go is the Royal Hawaiian Center which is an island-style mall. Traditional singers can often be spotted energizing the crowds of people who come to listen to them. Lots of retail stores of specific Hawaiian-style clothing taking care of both classic and surfer needs. The decor style is homely with uses of dark hardwood that’s carved into traditional cultural designs. You can get pretty much anything you want here, fast food, clothes, jewelry, shoes and sweet baked goods.

Wicked Waikiki

Once you see the gorgeous blue waves gathering toward you and slowly dissipating on the shore, you’ll be less afraid of them but more inclined to go surfing. Well, that is certainly what Hawaii is famous for, and there’s no shortage of instructors to help you master the basics. On Kuhio Beach, you can find the Surfline service which helps beginners to get used to the waves and their boards. You’re in the hands of expert surfers who know the island and the tides very well so no need to worry for those of you who are health and safety conscious. After a day of surfing and using muscles that have perhaps been lying dormant for a while, you’ll want to stay at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. The resort boasts day treatments in the spa that has rejuvenating treatments with Aveda products known for their tonic effect. No doubt you’ll be feeling peckish after all your activities so book yourself a seat in one of the resort’s award-winning restaurants. While you’re here try the dry-cured pork which is made in the traditional island style.

Honolulu is a city of high rises and a laid-back retail area. There’s so much to do, but honestly, if you’re here, you must enjoy a surfing experience, lay back on the beaches and enjoying the fresh cocktails by the poolside.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kitchen Tricks and Tips That Will Change Your Life

Is your kitchen a joy to be in? Do you find meal times a breeze? Most people reading this post will probably be
thinking “of course not!” The kitchen can certainly be one of the most stressful places in the house, especially
when you are cooking for a big number of people. However, there are some useful kitchen hacks that can
make your life much easier. Read on to discover more about them…
-        If you use an egg boiler, you can clean this with ease by boiling it for a short amount of time with a bit of
vinegar in. the vinegar will lift all of the residue and dissolve everything.
-        An air fryer is a must-have appliance for all kitchens, yet so many people don’t have one or have never
heard of one. Your air fryer will replace seven different appliances. Yes, that’s right: seven! You will free up
so much room in the kitchen, and you can cook with much greater ease and speed. What’s not to love?
-        Give your chicken breasts a whack with a rolling pin or anything else sturdy beforehand. This will tenderise
the meat, and it will taste much better.
-        Keep your bananas from going off quickly by separating them from one and other, and by keeping them
away from other fruit.
-        Does your brown sugar keep forming clumps? You can use marshmallows to stop this from happening.
-        Stop peeling your potatoes before you cook them. The best thing to do is cook your potatoes, soak them in
cold water, and then the skins will come right off.
-        If you have added too much salt to your stew or soup, add a peeled potato to the mix, and this will absorb
all of the salt for you. It takes about ten minutes for the magic to happen.
-        If you are dicing up avocados for guacamole or a salad, you can save yourself heaps of time in the kitchen
by using a potato masher.
-        While we are on the subject of avocado, you can sprinkle lemon juice on top of sliced avocado to stop it
from turning brown.
-        Freeze your wine! If you have a bit of leftover wine, you should freeze it in an ice cube tray. Whenever you
cook something like Bolognese, you can pop a red wine ice cube into the mix.
-        Chocolate, cheese, tomato, and citrus fruits all taste better at room temperature. Give it a try!
-        If you are sick of your wine getting too warm in the summer yet you don’t want to dilute it with ice cubes,
add frozen grapes to it instead. Perfect!
-        If you do a lot of baking, you should keep some butter in the freezer. You can then grate it whenever you
are making pastries, cakes, and so on. This is beneficial because it melts quicker and it mixes into the flour
-        Cut through the likes of cakes and cheeses with unscented floss.
-        One of the best ways to peel ginger is by using a spoon. This will ensure you do not lose all of that extra
-        Are you worried that your eggs in the fridge have gone off? Place one in a glass of water. If it is off, it will
float. If it sinks, it is good to eat.
-        You don’t need to peel garlic. You can simply cut the root end off, and then use the flat side of the blade
on the knife the squish it. Crushed garlic imparts much more flavour into a dish than minced garlic anyway.
-        If you are going to prepare Carpaccio, you should put your meat in the freezer for a small amount of time.
This will make it much easier for you to cut those super thin slices you need.
So there you have it: some of the best kitchen hacks to make your life easier! Try the suggestions that have
been provided above and see how much of a difference this makes when you next prepare a meal. Life in the
kitchen does not need to be as difficult as it seems.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mistakes You're Probably Making In The Kitchen

It is easy to develop bad habits in the kitchen, especially if you have been cooking while you are in a rush. 
So, let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes most people make in the kitchen…
Substituting dried herbs for fresh – If a recipe calls for fresh herbs, use fresh herbs. Dried tarragon cannot substitute 
the fresh version. In fact, the fresh version of tarragon adds a light flavour, while the dried version is much more powerful.
 For other herbs, the opposite can be said, for example, with basil and parsley, the dried versions have much less flavour.
Purchasing cheap pots and pans – A pot and pan set may not seem like the sort of purchase you should splurge on, but
 quality really is important. While you do not need to spend a fortune, you should avoid going for the cheapest pans 
available for sale. Poor quality pots and pans will cause the food to burn and stick to the surface.
Overcrowding the pan – This is an easy error to make. After all, you are in a rush, and you have many mouths to feed. 
However, overcrowding the pan can ruin the food, especially when cooking meat.
Grilling meat straight from the fridge – You can ruin a steak the moment you place it in the pan if you have not allowed it
 to get to room temperature before cooking it. This is because the steak will not cook evenly. The best thing to do is take 
your steak out of the fridge 20 minutes before you intend to cook it.
Cooking meat without a thermometer – Estimating when a piece of meat is cooked can be a nightmare. You will 
almost always end up overcooking it because you are worried about eating raw meat. This is where a thermometer 
shows its worth.
You don’t taste as you go – You may assume there is no point in tasting as you go because you have followed the recipe 
to perfection anyone. However, everyone has different palates, and tasting as you go gives you the chance to season the 
dish to your liking.
Turning your food too often while cooking – While it can be tempting to turn your food to ensure a consistent bake on 
both sides, this can be detrimental for foods such as pan-fried chicken and steak, as you won’t develop the delicious crisp
 crust you are aiming for.
You start cooking before you have read the entire recipe – This is a mistake that a lot of people make. There is nothing
 worse than finding out that what you thought was a simple Ragu is going to take two and a half hours to cook because
 it involves gradually adding ingredients while the mixture simmers.
So there you have it: some of the most common kitchen mistakes people make. Are you guilty of committing any of the 
cooking sins mentioned above? If so, use the advice that has been provided to right these wrongs!