Monday, March 8, 2021

Finding Salad Options That Don’t Make You Feel Like A Rabbit

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Everyone knows that they should be working hard to make sure that their diet is healthy. Salad can be a great tool when you’re trying to achieve this, giving you a meal that will be made with almost entirely healthy ingredients. Of course, though, many people don’t like salads, and it can be all too easy to get bored with this type of food when you have it each day. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring a range of salad options that are far more interesting than standard green veg, even if they aren’t quite as healthy.

Cobb Salads

Cobb salads have been popular for a long time in the US, with this type of meal being served in restaurants across the country. Made with an array of interesting ingredients, a cobb salad is far more interesting than a standard salad, while also being very good for you. But what is a cobb salad? Cobb salad is made with green vegetables, bacon, chicken, tomato, eggs, and a wide range of other tasty morsels that come together into a delicious mix. This type of salad is perfect for evening meals.

Pasta Salads

While some would argue that this next option isn’t really a salad, you can work to make it resemble a traditional one if you want to. Usually served cold, pasta salads are made with freshly cooked pasta, a white or red sauce, and a range of different vegetables that would usually be found in Italian food. Mushrooms can make a great addition to a pasta salad, but you could also add fish, meat, and just about anything else as long as the flavours go together and you are keeping health in mind.

Cheesy Salad

Cheese and salad can go hand in hand, and there are loads of different options when you want to keep this healthy. Feta cheese has long been a staple in boring salads, giving the mild flavours of the veg a good kick and making the whole thing more exciting. Of course, though, cheeses like cheddar and brie can also be made into salads; you just have to be careful to make sure that you don’t put too much in. 

Fruit Salads

Finally, as the last idea to consider, it’s time to think of something a little more fun; fruit salads. While this option is best for desserts or breakfast, fruit salads still deserve a place on this list. If you make your own fruit salads, you can ensure that you get to enjoy the benefits of fruit each day, but they will come in a package that is much easier to eat throughout the day. Of course, though, it’s worth avoiding heavily sweetened options when you’re trying this.

Salad is a great meal option for those who are dieting, but it can get quite boring when you eat them all the time. All of the salads in this post offer something different, giving you the chance to enjoy salads without feeling like a big rabbit.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Make Your Comfort Food Healthier With These Tips

 Make Your Comfort Food Healthier With These Tips

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Many people seem to find some form of emotional and psychological satisfaction in certain kinds of foods. But the sad truth is that comfort food tends to be very unhealthy. Most of the dishes many people consider comfort food contains a lot of oil and salt or processed sugar. That means they also have high amounts of calories. But the good news is that you can prepare your comfort food in a way that ensures that it is not only very healthy but also gives you the pleasure you seek from it. So, do you love your comfort food but are worried it is causing your health more harm than good? Then here a few ways to make your comfort food healthier.

Add some fresh veggies or fruits

Fruits and vegetables are mostly the easiest healthy additions you can make to any comfort food. Plus, they go pretty well with almost any food. For example, you can serve some vegetable salad as a side dish to your au gratin potatoes and ham or add some sliced apples to your mac n cheese. However, it is one thing adding veggies to your food, and quite another thing getting it to taste as good as you want. So, depending on the food you’re preparing, you can season your veggies, roast them lightly, or tweak them in healthy ways that give them the extra flavor you want.

Reduce sodium, sugar, and fat content

As already mentioned, most of the meals people call comfort food cause more harm than good. That is especially true if you consume many sugary foods, fast foods, and other kinds of processed foods. You can do two things to remedy this situation. First, cut down or stop patronizing unhealthy foods. Secondly, take the time to prepare your comfort food at home. Aside from the fact that this is a healthier option, it will also save you some extra cash.

When whipping up your meals, try as much as possible to reduce the sodium content. Too much sodium can increase your risk of high blood pressure and heart failure. Consuming too much sugar can increase the risk of heart-related issues, among several other health issues. Also, ensure that you use healthier cooking oils like olive oil instead of the traditional vegetable cooking oil. 

Use lean meat options

If you take a lot of comfort in foods like stews and chili, you should try replacing meat with poultry. Alternatively, you can also try using beans instead, as that will give you the protein you need. If you still prefer using red meat, then use lean meat options instead. For example, grass-fed beef and bison are excellent options.

Embrace whole grains

Sometimes, you need to swap some of the ingredients in your usual comfort foods for some whole grain options. For example, if you are a pizza lover, you can try a different option like polenta instead of using the regular refined wheat crust. Aside from the fact that it is whole-grain, it is also gluten-free.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

What Can You Snack On Before Swimming?


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The last thing you want to do is jump into a pool if you feel full because you have just eaten a big meal. Nevertheless, you certainly shouldn’t starve yourself either, as you won’t have the energy needed for your workout. It is important to get the right nutrition before you go for a swim and thus you need to carefully consider the snacks you choose to eat. Keeping that in mind, continue reading to discover five of the best snacks to consume before you dive into a swimming pool. 

  1. A large banana – When choosing a snack to consume before swimming, you need something that is going to give you a good boost of energy, and this is exactly what a banana will do. You should also look for foods that are smaller, high GI carbohydrates. GI refers to the Glycemic Index, which measures how fast it takes for foods to break down and turn into glucose. If a food has a high GI, it means it breaks down and turns to glucose quickly, meaning the energy will be more readily available. A banana is a small, high GI carbohydrate, and thus it is a good choice for a snack before a swim. Another reason why consuming a banana is a good choice is because this is a fruit that is packed with potassium, which is an electrolyte that is lost during sweat. It’s also really convenient and does not require any preparation on your part. 

  1. A very small portion of wholemeal rice or pasta – Carbohydrates will help you to concentrate on your swim and improve performance. This is because you will benefit from a small release of energy while you are swimming, and as a consequence, this will improve the duration of your swim. However, you do need to ensure you only have a small portion of such foods, otherwise, you can find yourself feeling bloated. It’s also advisable to give yourself an hour before jumping into the pool once you have eaten rice or pasta.

  1. A protein bar – If you are almost ready to go swimming and you need a quick snack, a protein bar is an excellent choice, and this is because they contain a great balance of protein, carbs and fat. This nutritional combination will ensure you get all of the good stuff you need to fuel your swim. While it can be tempting to skip the snack and dive straight into the pool, you will find yourself lacking in energy and you will probably be more focused on your hunger than swimming. Instead, a protein bar can put those hunger pains at bay and give you a much-needed boost of energy. Experts in herbal medicine can recommend natural protein bars to enjoy.

  1. A smoothie – Instead of consuming solid food, a smoothie is a great way to ensure your body gets all of the minerals and nourishment it needs before you go for a swim. But, why opt for liquid food instead of solid? Quite simply, it will be easier on your digestive tract, and thus smoothies are less likely to make you feel bloated or have a negative impact on your stomach while you are swimming. You can make your smoothies with water, juices or nut milk, and you can add various fruits and protein powder to give you all of the protein and carbs you need. Why not start off with a strawberry and banana smoothie?

  1. Fish – Fish is a great example of a lean protein that is going to give your body enough fuel for swimming and is easy to digest at the same time. Other examples include low-fat dairy products and lean red meat, yet fish does tend to be a lot easier on the stomach. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

How To Make The Shift To Gluten-Free Eating

 How To Make The Shift To Gluten-Free Eating

Many people already know the importance of making healthy eating part of their daily lives. For example, eating gluten-free meals is vital to treating some health conditions like Coeliac disease, which is caused by the immune system’s reaction to the presence of gluten. Many people remain skeptical about going gluten-free. However, removing gluten and sugar from your diet comes with massive benefits not only to your digestive system but also to your general health. So, are you looking for ways to make your meals more gluten-free? Here are a few tips you can use.

Start reading labels when shopping

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It would help if you started getting used to the habit of reading the labels on packaged food before you buy them. In many countries, packaged food is covered by some laws concerning allergen labeling. That means you should be able to detect whether a packaged foodstuff you’re purchasing contains gluten or not. These laws ensure that even the tiniest amount of gluten in any packaged product is recorded on the label and is usually highlighted in bold letters. 

Replace your gluten ingredients with gluten-free substitutes

Sometimes, you can only eat what you have. That means if you only purchase gluten ingredients, you will only prepare meals containing gluten. Therefore, it is essential to replace every gluten ingredient you have at home with gluten-free ones. And when making your dishes, focus on recipes that are gluten-free. Also, you can learn how to make new dishes. For example, discover how to bake zucchini learn here as a substitute for other gluten-rich appetizers.

Some foods are naturally gluten-free

While taking the time to read the label on every packaged food before purchasing it, you should take the time to know the naturally gluten-free things. Knowing this will remove some of the burdens of wondering if every meal you have prepared contains gluten. Here are a few of some meals you may make without getting flustered - cornstarch pudding, steak, risotto, salad, chicken, and potatoes. 

Avoid processed foods in general

It is best to avoid processed foods, in general, to be on a much safer side. Besides the fact that you’re more likely to find gluten in most processed foods, such foods also contain many artificial ingredients and preservatives. And these could be very harmful to your body. So, take a break from processed foods for some time and focus on cooking with or consuming only fresh foods. That means eating real fruits and veggies, not processed juices in packages. It also means consuming natural carbs and healthy fats, and natural protein like meat, fish, eggs, etc. 

Plan ahead

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One of the most effective ways of making your meals gluten-free is by planning your dishes each week. Doing this gives you the time to decide what healthy dishes to make and which ingredients to use and where to get them. Without a proper meal plan, you can quickly settle for any food either out of hunger or on impulse, without taking the time to check what went into it.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

5 Tips For The Perfect Dinner Party


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Hosting a dinner party? Here are some great tips to make your evening a success.

Friday, June 5, 2020

A Step By Step Guide To A Brighter Smile

Are you sick of your teeth looking stained and less than photogenic? Your teeth can have a huge impact on your confidence, so knowing how to keep them looking clean and healthy is a must. This guide can help you to create a brighter looking smile without having to spend a fortune - take a look! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

3 Tips for Staying Motivated When You’re Trying to Get a Small Business off the Ground

One of the great things about the Internet and the various digital technologies that we are surrounded by these days, is that it’s now possible – to a degree that it never really was before – for people to become entrepreneurs and to explore their passions at the drop of a hat.

If you’re not fulfilled with your current day job, you could work to start up a cooking business, a travel review company, or any number of other things.

Of course, to get any small business off the ground you need to be able to stay motivated in the face of various challenges.

Here are a few tips for staying motivated when you are trying to get a small business off the ground.