Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Honolulu's Dry-Cured Pork And Surfing Heaven

Hawaii is a complex island network to understand. It's the 50th state of the United States, but it rises out of North Pacific Ocean 3,758 miles away. Overall there are eight islands, but there are six main islands that are inhabited and used as settlements. Oahu is the second largest island but harbors the state’s capital city of Honolulu. The island itself has a population of around 960,000 people, but only 330,000 people inhabit the capital. Oahu was once an ancient retreat for Hawaiian royalty which would most likely be the tribal chief. However, now it's a bustling capital that acts as a gateway between Asia and America. Honolulu is known the world over for its magnificent beaches with acres and acres of unspoiled beaches. As you would expect, the food is tropical but with a hearty twist as pork is the main meat source for locals and tourists alike. Of all the neighborhoods of Honolulu, there are two main boroughs you should take the time to explore.

Source Mr. Blue MauMau
Upscale Kaimuki 
Kaimuki is one the neighborhoods that have really taken to the Western style of life. There lots of coffee shops with the same type of flavors and drinks you get back home in the US. Affordable family diners can also be found where you can get a good wholesome bite to eat. One of the best places to go is the Royal Hawaiian Center which is an island-style mall. Traditional singers can often be spotted energizing the crowds of people who come to listen to them. Lots of retail stores of specific Hawaiian-style clothing taking care of both classic and surfer needs. The decor style is homely with uses of dark hardwood that’s carved into traditional cultural designs. You can get pretty much anything you want here, fast food, clothes, jewelry, shoes and sweet baked goods.

Wicked Waikiki

Once you see the gorgeous blue waves gathering toward you and slowly dissipating on the shore, you’ll be less afraid of them but more inclined to go surfing. Well, that is certainly what Hawaii is famous for, and there’s no shortage of instructors to help you master the basics. On Kuhio Beach, you can find the Surfline service which helps beginners to get used to the waves and their boards. You’re in the hands of expert surfers who know the island and the tides very well so no need to worry for those of you who are health and safety conscious. After a day of surfing and using muscles that have perhaps been lying dormant for a while, you’ll want to stay at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. The resort boasts day treatments in the spa that has rejuvenating treatments with Aveda products known for their tonic effect. No doubt you’ll be feeling peckish after all your activities so book yourself a seat in one of the resort’s award-winning restaurants. While you’re here try the dry-cured pork which is made in the traditional island style.

Honolulu is a city of high rises and a laid-back retail area. There’s so much to do, but honestly, if you’re here, you must enjoy a surfing experience, lay back on the beaches and enjoying the fresh cocktails by the poolside.