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How to Live a Healthy Life During the Winter


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The winter can be cold and inhospitable; it can also be tough to stay healthy thanks to winter cravings
and changes in the body; that said, creating a healthy lifestyle, eating plenty of fish, and planning your
meals are one of the best ways to stay healthy and nourished in the winter. 

Flight Flu With Food 

The flu is pretty much guaranteed in winter; that’s why clinics and medical staff make a point of rolling
out the flu jab for vulnerable people. Whether you receive the jag or not, it makes sense to eat lots of
healthy food as this can support your immune system and help you recover faster.   

The immune system is not like the circulatory system or the digestive system; in other words, it is not
an interconnected thing that you can locate, but it is still a system of cells and tissue that detect threats
to the body; you can support the cells with fruits, fish, and leafy greens in winter. 

Eat Plenty of Fish

Amino acids are the building blocks of life; the body uses these to create proteins that support the
immune system and much more. If you want to support your immune system in the winter, you can
eat foods that contain high quantities of amino acids, such as food with plenty of fish.

Fish is the number one way to support your immune system in winter; quality fish from Premier Catch
contains key amino acids for your diet, but it also contains A vitamins, B vitamins, and omega-3 to
improve brain function and skin quality. Fish also makes a delicious meal for all.

Eat Five a Day 

Staying healthy during the winter or in any season is easy when you eat your five a day. The World Health
Organisation recommends eating around 400 grams of fruits and vegetables every day to give your body
the nutrition it needs to function properly and avoid common illnesses. 

Some of the most common illnesses in the winter are the common cold, influenza, and pneumonia, all of
which can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Eating five a day is a simple dietary formula that supports a healthy system.

Avoid Comfort Eating 

In winter, the days become shorter, and the temperatures drop substantially; this has an effect on the
body, causing sleep patterns to change as well as dietary requirements; you might find that you are
putting on some extra weight at the same time you might crave some fatty foods. 

This is perfectly normal, but there are some simple ways to avoid comfort eating and maintain a healthy
diet. Of course, you will want to maintain a healthy diet throughout the day, but if you feel like snacking
in-between meals, try drinking some milky tea or eating some soup instead. 

Cooking comfort foods is an important aspect of the winter diet. Comfort food is like a hug for the soul, and it is behind most winter weight gain situations. Thus, if you are craving the comfort of rich and high-calorie Grandma’s recipes, you may be pleased to know that Tamme McCauley has got a few ideas on how to make your favorite comfort foods healthy.

Meal Planning

Planning your meals in the winter is an excellent way to maintain your health and weight over the festive
season. Snacking and unplanned eating is where you accumulate calories, but you can control your diet
more easily with a schedule for meals and some prepared in the freezer. 

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