Friday, August 24, 2012


If you follow me on Instagram (JordyDanielle) or Twitter you would probably know by now that I have started eating healthier because I really want to get fit. I thought that I would share the knowledge that I am learning along the way and begin a new series called "Healthy Habits" where I will be writing about nutritious recipes, healthy snacks, good diet foods and tips on how to live healthier (food choices when eating out, maybe even some exercise tips). The first installment in this new series is my trail mix recipe! I am a huge snack-er and always having to be munching on something! Before beginning eating healthier it used to be chocolate, chips and biscuits but now I have to make sure that what I snack on is better for me than that! A "naughty snack" that I love picking at is trail mix because I still get my sweet, salty and crunchy snack fix but it isn't as packaged and processed. Without further ado...what I put into my trail mix...

Dried Fruit
Of course fresh fruit is so much better for you than dried fruit is but it's still much better than chips and biscuits! I add goji berries (I could go on forever about all of the benefits these little berries have), Craisins (dried cranberries) and a berry mix which includes cherries, strawberries and sultanas. This satisfies my sweet tooth because of the sweet dried fruits. 

Nuts are a great source of protein but they are pretty high in fat so I only add some cashews and almonds. I also love adding peanuts and occasionally walnuts but I tend to stay away from macadamia nuts because I feel like they are the fattiest nut and I always feel really heavy after eating them. This is where I satisfy my salt cravings because the cashews and most nuts come salted.

No not the kind of chips your thinking! I add banana chips which are so delicious but very high in sugar and calories! I also add coconut chips which are shaved and roasted coconut pieces! These suprisingly aren't too bad for you but they are quite expensive. This is where I get my crunchy snack fix because it feels like I'm eating chips!

All of the ingredients I use, you can easily have access to at any Coles and probably Woolworths so it's super easy to make and the ingredients are very accessible. 

I hope you enjoyed my first "Healthy Habits" post! There will be many to come and I look forward to sharing my healthy journey with you all and possibly supporting everyone else in the same position!

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