Wednesday, March 16, 2022

How to Get a Bigger Audience for Your Food Blog


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Once upon a time, it was really easy to get traffic for your food blog because there was not that much competition around., In 2022, things are very different and there are literally thousands of bloggers out there competing for the same market.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful as a food blogger, but it does mean you will need to make a bigger effort to grow your audience. Below are a few things that will help you with that.

Focus on photography

When it comes to food blogging, pictures are really important. The more appetizing your culinary creations appear, the more likely it is that people will click on them, and visit your website for the recipe. A good camera and a few food photography tricks will have your traffic soaring in no time at all.

Ensure your blog is available globally

By using a host that makes it easy to publish WordPress in Amazon's local regions, and by producing content that will appeal to the tastes of the people outside of your own area, you can tap into the global market and increase your readership more effectively. After all, the more people who can see your blog, the more reader you can wow with your amazing content.

Use descriptive titles

Using more descriptive titles is a good way to entice readers into clicking on your links, They’re much more likely to want to see what your “Creamy Chicken Delight” is about than they are your “Chicken BVreast with Mushroom Sauce” right, so what you can to tantalize their tastebuds using just a few words and you should see more clicks coming your way.

Guest post

If you want to increase the traffic to your food blog, a really good way of doing so is by guest positing a recipe or article on another food blog in a related niche, or even in a lifestyle magazine or blog - basically, publish your writing anywhere people who are interesting in food might be, include a link to your blog and let them come find you.

Focus on what your audience wants

You might love posting recipes for fried chicken, but if the stats show that your users are more interested in learning knife skills or baking cakes, for example, it is far better to focus on those topics. Doing so will keep your readers coming back for more, sharing your content on social media, and ultimately encouraging new people to come and see what you are up to too.

Host a giveaway

If all else fails, hosting a giveaway where people can win cookware, cookery classes free cupcakes, or whatever, is a great way to encourage more people to subscribe to your blog, share links and read your stuff. Everyone loves a freebie, right? 

Growing the audience for your food blog will take time and dedication, but it absolutely can be done and by taking the above actions, you will be able to reach your goals that bit sooner. 

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