Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey everyone, 
Here is my recipe on something I love to drink, especially on hot summer days and it's iced fruit tea.
Flavoured Tea
The first thing is to pick your flavour of tea; I personally really like fruity teas so go for berry ones. For this recipe I used "Cranberry and Pomegranate" but "Raspberry, Strawberry and Loganberry" also works really well.
Make your tea in a large tumbler but don't fill it completely with water, allowing for fruit to increase the capacity. Let it sit for about half an hour to cool down.
Cut up your fruit into wedges. I like to use nectarines and apples because they taste good and are red so match the tea but really you can use any fruits you like.
 Pop the fruit into the tumbler along with some ice.
Add a straw and it's ready to drink!

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