Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hey girls,
I love Mexican food but it's not always so convenient to go out to a Mexican restaurant to eat so I have come up with a couple of recipes that I personally use when I have to make it myself. I always order a burrito and have come up with a recipe which tastes almost as good so keep reading if your interested.
Refried Beans
Nachos Topping
Chile Sauce
Mexican Chile Powder
Lemon Juice
Sour Cream
Step 1: Mixture
a. Mix the rice with the refried beans in a bowl.
b. Add the nachos topping, Chile sauce and Mexican chile powder into the rice and refried beans mixture.
Step 2: Assembling
a.) Take your tortilla and place it on a plate.
b.) Place the mixture in a line, in the middle of the tortilla.
c.) Add your cheese on top and then place it in the microwave for about 40 seconds to melt it.
d.) Roll your burrito up.
Step 3: Guacamole
a.) Cut your avocado in half, take out the seed and then scoop all of the flesh out of the skin and mash it all up with a fork. 
b.) Add some lemon juice for added taste.
c.) Cut up some shallots and add them into the mix.
Here is the finished product...
I hope you enjoyed this recipe, hopefully it will save you some time and money when it
comes to Mexican food cravings! 

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