Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey everyone, 
Sushi is probably my favourite food but it can be economically impractical and inconvenient to have to buy it out all of the time so sometimes I like to make my own. This is a recipe which will talk you through the ingredients required and steps necessary to take in order to achieve delicious and healthy homemade sushi.
Sushi Rice
Seaweed Sheets
Soy Sauce
Step 1: Put your sushi rice in the microwave to cook  for about 10-15 minutes.
Step 2: While your waiting for your rice to cook, set up your rolling mat with a sheet of seaweed on it.
Step 3: Also while your waiting, cut up all of your fillings. I like cucumber, capsicum and avocado.
Step 4: Once your rice has finished, come back to your rolling mat with seaweed on it.
Step 5: Place a thin layer of rice on your seaweed sheet.
Step 6: Place small amounts of your fillings in the center of the sheet.
Step 7: Make sure to include mayonnaise because this helps stick everything together. 
Step 8: With your rolling mat, roll up the sushi and ensure that the edges are sealed.
Step 9: Slice up the sushi into even sections.
Step 10: Now it's time to set up the table with sushi sides, plates and cutlery.
Have a little bowl for ginger and another one for soy sauce. I also like to include a little serving plate.
I really hope you enjoyed this recipe and if your a sushi addict like me, you might be able to use this to help satisfy your cravings without having to go out and spend more money because it all adds up.

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