Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hey everyone, 
One of my favourite sweet slices and absolute weakness is hedgehog slice so I thought I would share my recipe.
125g Shortbread Biscuits
200g Milk or dark chocolate
30g Copha
Step 1: Crush up your biscuits by placing them in a plastic zip lock bag and crushing them with a wooden spoon.

Step 2: Place the chocolate and copha into a saucepan, stir constantly until both ingredients have mixed together and melted completely.
Step 3: Combine the mixture with the biscuits, stirring so that all of the biscuits are distributed evenly.
Step 4: Place mixture into a creased 25cm pan, patting the mixture flat and place into the fridge to cool.
Step 5: After finished cooling, slice into rectangles and ice with chocolate frosting.
These taste absolutely delicious, I hope you try out this recipe because you will fall in love!


Anonymous said...

What is copha? Is that something australian

Jordy said...

Copha is a vegatable fat shortening made with coconut oil. You can find it in the butter section at most grocery stores and it's avaliable pretty much worldwide :)