Thursday, November 8, 2012


I spend a fair amount of time on instagram and some of the girls I see on there promote these awful diets of cake, chocolate, sausage rolls and chips all because it fits into their "calorie budget" for the day! It has inspired me to blog all about FEEDING YOURSELF! Your body needs nutrition to survive and nutrition is not something you get from cakes and chips. You need to have a balanced diet incorporating fruits, vegetables, protein, wholegrains, seeds and nuts (pretty obvious I thought) so I don't understand how some people survive on these diets of doughnuts and ice cream and I can't imagine what it's doing to them and their health. It's not the junk food that's so horrible because I eat cake, chocolate, ice cream and chips but I eat them as part of a healthy diet alongside fruits and vegetables and as a treat. Living on a junk food diet is almost as bad as the girls who don't eat at all as a diet because both ways your body isn't getting the nutrition it needs and deserves. The message is that "people need to stop worrying about the calories and worry more about what is the food that makes up those calories" because being skinny and unhealthy living on diet coke and chocolate is in a horrible position compared to being fit and healthy living on a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables. When your healthy you are at a lower risk of developing diseases and conditions, you have more energy, your happier and fitter.
The best way to loose weight is to eat, sounds crazy but a plate full of fresh fruit and veggies is more effective in helping you loose weight than an empty plate. If your familiar with the term "starvation mode", it's a state that your body goes into when it thinks it's starving and what it does is when you do finally eat it takes all of that food and stores it as fat compared to when you eat normally your body just takes what it needs and burns the rest off. Our bodies still think in a "hunter and gatherer" mentality where our body assumes that if it's not getting food there isn't any or there is a famine and once it does get food after starving it stores it all in case there isn't going to be anymore food for another long period. So in short, not eating makes you fat.
Don't limit or count calories, as long as your eating well and healthy foods you shouldn't have to worry about counting everything that goes into your body. Especially because calories don't take into consideration nutritional values like protein, carbohydrates, fats etc. For example, for 250 calories you could eat a chocolate bar or a yoghurt, apple, egg and some nuts. Which is going to fill you up more? It's pretty obvious which is the better lifestyle choice.
You are what you eat and drink! I think the picture really sends the message but basically if you eat crap, your going to feel like crap and if you eat healthy your going to feel healthy. It's as simple as that, how you feel and look depends on what you eat and drink.

I'm sure most of you understand all of this but I just really wanted to contribute my part to the "Feed Yourself" revolution because it's something I really believe in. If you are living an unhealthy lifestyle, it's never too late to change and start making small steps in the right direction! 

"There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does"
Thanks for reading :)

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