Thursday, September 28, 2017

Planning The Perfect Girl's Night In

You’re bound to have had enough nights out with your besties, so why not switch things up a little and plan a girl’s night in at home, which can be as sophisticated or as relaxed as you want. You’ll save money on buying a new outfit or pair of shoes, and you won’t have to worry about everyone getting home safely afterwards. Staying in might just become your new going out, and you can all take it in turns to be the hostess.

As long as you’re with your favourite people, and there’s plenty of catching up, food, and atmosphere; there’s no reason why you can’t all enjoy a great girl’s night in together. The following are some ideas and inspiration for the ultimate evening of fun with your friends, in the comfort of your own home.



The food has to be worth staying in for, so think about delicious treats that you don’t eat every day, and hang out together as you cook up some fresh homemade cuisine. Baked delights, like cupcakes and cookies, are the perfect, pretty snack to nibble on together, and they’ll make the perfect partner for a glass of something special. Make sure there’s plenty of savoury snacks too; bowls of potato chips, nuts, and crudités with dips like guacamole and hummus, will ensure that everyone’s taste buds are satiated.Give a homemade pizza recipe a go, and partner it with an array of salads; your food doesn’t have to be complicated, just ensure it's tasty and moreish, so everyone will want to tuck in.


Try and provide an array of beverages to suit all your guests; soft drinks, mixers, and fruit juice are the perfect way to make some non-alcoholic punch or mocktails. For something a little more sophisticated; check out some fizz, white, or a red wine sale and stock up to save money, as you can keep some bottles for next time. Of course you can always ask people to bring their own if they have a specific preference; however, it’s always nice to have a selection on offer for your guests, to accompany and complement their food.


You could turn the night into a movie night; choose some of your guilty pleasure films, or perhaps a horror selection to celebrate upcoming Halloween. Maybe your group of besties prefer a board or card game, where you can sit around a table together with your snacks and gossip as you all play. Pamper evenings are another great excuse to get your comfy clothes or pyjamas on and indulge in some face masks, nail painting, and putting the world to rights.

Grab you duvets, throws, cushions, and pillows, and make your living area into a giant cosy-zone; everyone will enjoy the relaxed, laid-back vibes of the night, and will appreciate not having a hangover to deal with the next day. Be careful; your home might just become the most popular place to hang out on a Friday and a Saturday night, and you don’t want to have to start charging for your excellent hostess skills!

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