Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tasty, Healthy Veggie Recipes That Will Make You Feel Amazing

Everyone knows that eating vegetables is good for you. They contain lots essential vitamins and minerals that keep the body working right, as well as being jam packed with fiber to help keep you regular. They also have the benefit of tasting delicious too. So what are you waiting for? Get cooking with the delicious vegetable recipes below!

Stir Fried Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts, not only do they taste great when they are cooked properly, hence the stir fry method in this recipe below. But they are packed with vitamin C and A, as well. Making them a tiny powerhouse of nutrients. So with that in mind check out the following recipe:  

Brussel sprouts - 250 g
Cashew nuts unsalted 50g
Soy sauce, light, reduce salt
Fresh ginger,
Sesame oil 1 tsp
Sesame seeds 1 tbsp
1 fresh chili
1 clove of garlic
Rice wine vinegar 1 tsp

What I love about this recipe it's that it is so easy. To start, add the fresh chili, ginger (peeled), garlic (peeled), and rice wine vinegar to a food processor and blitz until it’s a paste. Then add the sesame oil and stir.

Now on a low heat add this paste to a wok, to gently warm through and release all the flavors, while you chop the sprouts. Cut the bottom off each sprout and then chop into three prices length ways.


Next, increase the heat in the wok, and add the cashew nuts, so they brown off a little. Then add the Brussel sprouts, and stir as until just cook through or are al dente. Before serving, season with a little soy sauce and sprinkle with a few sesame seeds for a delicious and very notorious meal in itself. As well as a fabulous accompaniment to another dish such as these tempura vegetables.

Roasted Vegetable Orzo Pasta

Have you had orzo pasta yet? It's sort of looks like rice but, yup you've guessed it! It's actually pasta. It tastes great too. Especially, when combined with some juicy tomatoes and grilled veg and just a dash of olive oil. Meaning you can enjoy a pasta hit with no creamy, calorific sauces in sight. Keep reading for the recipe:

75 g Orzo
1 Red pepper
Lemon juice
1 large on the vine tomato
1 red onion
7 black olives
1 bunch chives
1 tsp olive oil

Simply cook the orzo as per the instructions on the packet. Then rinse, drain and leave to cool. While doing so, chop all the veg apart from the chives and olives in a food processor, and either dry fry in a pan, or pop in the oven to bake.

While this is happening, combine a ½ a lemon with the olive oil and season with salt, pepper and the olives and set aside.

Then chop the chives ready to use as a garnish. Once the veg has cooked; combine this with the cold orzo and the dressing. Add the chives to the top, and voila, you have your delicious and nutritious dish! It's that easy!


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