Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Morning After The Night Before: Food & Drink Choices

The morning after the night before.

It’s such a simple sentence. Self-explanatory; perhaps even over-explaining the simple progression of time. However, it’s a phrase that tends to bring a few memories to mind. It makes you think of the times you went out with friends and didn’t get home until 4am; or the nights when you couldn’t sleep for hours on end, before you finally admitted defeat and got out of bed. It’s a phrase that describe mornings we all encounter, but when we’re really not ready for a new day to be beginning.

On mornings when you’re feeling a lack of sleep, it’s important to select food and beverages that are going to be able to give you a boost. While food and drinks are never going to be able to replace a good night’s sleep, they can at least get you through the day without falling asleep at your desk. So when you don’t have any pre made banana oat muffins (and you’re definitely not feeling inclined to cook up a new batch), what are your best options for pick-me-up food and drinks?



Well, it was inevitable wasn’t it? Coffee is the drink of the modern world, and if you’re in need of a good jolt of get-up-and-go, then this is where you need to turn.

On mornings when you’ve had plenty of sleep, you’re not going to mind fiddling with a French press -- but on the sleep deprived mornings, you’re going to want a coffee machine. This is a worthwhile investment if you’re no stranger to late nights, but it needn’t be expensive; browse around and set yourself a budget, such as insisting on finding the best coffee machine under $200. You’ll thank yourself the next time you have a late night and then have to deal with an early start.


Nuts are fantastic providers of energy. Not only are they nutritionally-dense, but they also operate slow-release energy. Studies have shown that people who consume nuts for breakfast are more energetic during the day and are less prone to snacking on food to keep them going. So if you only have time to grab a quick breakfast before rushing off to work, a handful of nuts will do you the world of good.



The more water you drink, the more alert you will feel. However, it’s important not to just drink without caution. If you drink more than a glass at a time, add a sprinkle of salt to each glass -- if you don’t, you could rinse your electrolytes, which will make you feel even worse. Even with salt, try not to drink more than one liter in an hour, or you might be at risk of water intoxication.


Full of good, healthy fats and plenty of protein, cheese is the perfect morning after snack. It also feels a little indulgent, which might be just what you need if you’re feeling delicate!

One Thing You Don’t Want: Carbohydrates

Finally, a brief mention for what you should avoid on slow mornings. Carbohydrates are problematic when it comes to sustained energy. If you eat them, you might be in for an even rougher day. You’ll find yourself dealing with a sugar hit, which will feel good for a couple of hours… and then you’ll feel horrific. Stick with the first four items and save the carbs for your evening meal.

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