Thursday, October 26, 2017

Eating the Ethical Way

here is a way to eat right. And no, this doesn’t necessarily mean eating a healthy diet. And no, this doesn't necessarily mean using your cutlery. This means eating ethically. This means eating what you want, but ensuring that what you do eat is sourced ethically and caused no harm to anybody or anything on its way to your plate. To see how you can become ethical with your eating habits, make sure to read on.

Eating meat can be ethical

Yes, you don’t have to become a vegetarian or a vegan to be an ethical eating; you can eat meat and eat ethical at the same time. But, when you do you have to do more then just pick meat up from the shelves of your supermarket and then be happy to cook and eat it. No, you have to do your research into how the meat that you buy is sourced. Specifically, for meat to be ethical it needs to be sourced from an animal that was provided comfort whilst alive. It needs to have been free in the fields and treated with the utmost respect, not packed indoors with its kind and literally shoved around like a herd of cattle. To eat meat ethically, you have to be sure that the meat you eat has been treated with respect. Smithfield Food are one such producer of food who are committed to producing food, good food, the right way. They provide meat, but the meat they provide is wrought from animals that they have treated in the right way — a humane way — and they make this clear in their mission statement. So, you need to get your meat from this producer, or a producer of the like, if you want to be sure that the meat you eat is ethical.

Something else that you can to be more ethical with your meat eating, as stated here, is to eat 50% less meat a week, if you can.

Respect the rights of your fellow humans

To be truly ethical with the way you both eat and drink, you need to bare in mind the hardship a human being might have had to go through in order to source it for you. You have to consider what kind of treatment and pressure they were put under when sourcing it. And you need to think about the working conditions they worked in when sourcing it.

To be fair and ethical with your food and drink choices, choose food and drink, particularly drinks like coffee and tea, that comes with a Fairtrade logo attached to the box. When this logo is evident, you can be sure that no workers or farmers were harmed in the sourcing of your drink, and you can be sure none of them were treated unfairly.

Basically, eating ethically is refusing to eat food at the expense of anything, be it the environment, animals or even humans. For more advice on how to be ethical with your eating, make sure to check out this helpful article.

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