Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Surprising Foods That You Need To Try Today

 If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it is that we love to eat. Sure, we don’t always eat the best food for us but we do eat. One issue that we all come up against is food fatigue. What does this mean? We get bored from eating the same foods over and over again. With this in mind, we would like to suggest some other foods for you to try that might not be on the menu in your house at the moment.

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If there is one item that is underrated in a lot of peoples homes, it is fish. Unfortunately, when it comes to fish, people tend to pick the same ones over and over again. One thing that you could discover is how to make tender, juicy swordfish steak to spice up the menu. It might be worth your while discovering where the local fish market is set up. It is here that you can grab the fresher fish before it gets shipped off to the shops and supermarkets. Fishermen love selling directly to the public so don’t be afraid to get down there and grab some fish early. Try to think outside the box and discover some new ways to create a tasty fish dish that your family will love.

Exotic fruit

How much fruit and veg do you eat? Maybe it is a lot, maybe it is a little. What the amount is, you can add a little something by tossing some exotic fruit into your diet. When we say exotic, we don’t mean that it needs to be so weird that you have no idea how to eat it. It can be as simple as kiwi fruit or as rare as Jackfruit. If you are not sure how you feel about adding new fruit to your diet, try one new piece a week. But only buy one of them. For example, if you decide that the fruit of the week will be dragon fruit, only buy one small dragon fruit. This way, if you try it and hate it, it will not be a huge waste of money. However, if you buy one small one and love it, you will know to add this to the list in future. 

Local vegetables

This might sound like an obvious one but it is very surprising how many people do not take advantage of what is available on their own doorsteps. There are so many varieties of fruit and vegetables, and there are plenty that come from your own area. If you head to the local farmers market, you will see that there are plenty of stalls that have local produce on them. Instead of mindlessly throwing it into the basket, ask the people who are selling it about it. They may have some interesting history and recipes to share with you. For example, there are potatoes in Northern Ireland called Comber Spuds that are considered the best potatoes for making potato bread. The locals often buy the potatoes to make their mash and chips for meals, and any that are leftover are turned into bread. 

Foods from other countries

Trying to incorporate more fruit, vegetables, and other produce from your local area into your menu is an excellent idea. But, you may also want to look further afield for recipes that enable you to use these delicious local ingredients in new ways. Taking inspiration from other countries and adding recipes from around the world into your diet is an excellent way to beat food fatigue and introduce some fresh ideas into your cooking. As well as trying out new recipes for main meals from around the world, you can make your cooking even more interesting by experimenting with desserts and sweet treats from other countries. This mazapan recipe is a great one to try if you have a sweet tooth and makes a great food gift too.

Vegan alternatives

If there is one area of the food industry that is growing very quickly, it is the vegan food market. Once upon a time, the options for vegans were limited to what they could make from their own fresh food and beans. Now, there is a full range of alternatives that are allowing them to create meals that would rival a meat-eaters feast. If you haven’t tried any of the vegan alternatives, now is the time to do it. Supermarkets can run offers so you can grab some of the pieces for a bargain price. And, even if you don’t want to go full vegan, the benefits of swapping one meal out a week has shown to have a massive effect on your health and the environment. You might be surprised by the taste of some of these foods, and even more surprised if you read the labels to discover that some big brands have been vegan for years.

And there you have it, some foods to add to your trolley that can shake up your meal times without being boring. Of course, if you try food and discover it is not for you, then don’t buy it again. And don’t buy food that you know that you are allergic to just to make mealtimes more interesting. But, we hope that this list has inspired you to make some mealtime changes.

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