Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey girls, 
This is the third "My Week In Food" so I'm just going to include a couple of photos of food I managed 
to take photos of during the week, hope you enjoy!
I adore macarons but they are just such a pain to bake so sometimes premade ones 
are just so much easier! Strawberry and pistachio are my favourite!
I have been loving Italian food recently so definitely bruchetta and pasta!
I have grown quite obsessed to the McDonalds Apple Pies which I know is soooo incredibly 
bad but they are just so darn tasty! Seriously have had so many of these this week!
I have been snacking on sushi soooo much recently, I love it! I specifically adore the 
spicy chicken rolls, anything with avacado and nigiri!
Best noodles ever!
Of course more maccas..don't judge me! It's almost embarrassing doing these 
but I find them interesting so maybe some of you like them :)
Oh and the frappes McDonalds offer are absolutely delicious!! Seriously recommend trying them :)
So that's my week in food, I hope you enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

So much yum! especially the pasta and sushi, they're my favorite :)


Jordy said...

@I Am A
haha yes!! Loveee pasta and sushi :)

Anonymous said...

We dont have the mcdonalds apple pie here in holland :( looks VERY YUMMY