Friday, January 27, 2012


Hey girls, 
So Valentines Day is quickly approaching and I have a couple of food ideas that I think would be perfect for the day so this is the first recipe of more to come. If you haven't had time to buy a present then your gift to your special someone can be breakfast in bed!
2 eggs
Spring Onions
Parmesan Cheese
Hash Browns
Toast Decorator
Ice Cube Tray

Step 1: Omelet
a.) Dice up your ingredients and put them to the side.
b.) With a fork, beat up your eggs in a bowl.
c.) You can add any spices or herbs that you would like to.
d.) Pour into onto a lightly greased pan too cook.
Step 2: Hashbrowns
You can cook your hashbrowns in the oven, microwave on crisp function, light pan fry or deep fry.

Step 3: Toast
I found this super adorable toast design that print the message "I Love You" on your toast, I thought it was a super cute touch and perfect for Valentines Day!

Step 4: Presentation
To make things look a little nicer you can add some grated cheese and spring onions to your omelet and a little dish of sauce. 

Step 5: Drink
You can also add a drink of some juice, I found this adorable little ice cube try that make ice shaped like a love heart to put in your juice.
So it's really simple but quite a cute and delicious Valentines Day gift!

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sweetwahine said...

All your posts look delicious!! Hope your having a beautiful day!!